Dr Barbara Dooley

picture of Barbary DooleyBarbara Dooley is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, University College Dublin and the Co-ordinator of Research for the UCD Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology. She is also Director of Research for Headstrong – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Through research, advocacy and service development, Headstrong works to improve the mental health outcomes of young people in Ireland. Dr. Dooley’s particular expertise is in the area of applied research designs and statistical analyses. She has been involved in a number of large scale national studies estimating prevalence of psychological problems in young people such as eating disorders. She is particularly interested in how help-seeking behaviour is linked to psychological issues such stress, depression, alcohol consumption, self-esteem and social support. Her main research at present focuses on youth mental health. She recently produced a report on a national study of youth mental health in Ireland http://www.headstrong.ie/content/myworld. The report presents findings on a large sample of young people aged 12-25 (N > 14,000) looking at both risk and protective factors.