SOLD OUT: Managing College Response to Student Death

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Managing the College Response to Student Death

IAUCC Spring Training

(Open to all staff in the Higher Education Sector)
Printing House Hall, TCD, 4th March 2016


The death of a student is a traumatic experience for the family, fellow students and university staff. In recognition of the distress involved for all concerned, many colleges in the US, UK and Ireland have developed Death Response Plans (hereafter referred to as DRPs). These guide institutional responses to student deaths and, in some cases, to the loss of members of staff. The way the college responds and the decisions it makes may have a profound effect on the relationship of the college with the families, on the recovery of students and staff affected, and on the place of the deceased in the Institution’s history. Research and anecdotally–reported experiences of academic institutions’ responses to student death indicate wide variations in the perceptions of those affected.

Recent tragedies such as happened in Berkeley and the Paris terrorist attacks underscore how vital it is that Colleges are ready to respond.
The aim of this training day is to inform future policy and practice in Higher Education Institutions to deepen our understanding of the needs of families, students and staff and to contribute to the ongoing discussion about how colleges can best respond to student death.
The day will include presentations on:

  • The aims, components and theoretical underpinnings of a DRP
  •  The role of the Garda
  • The role of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • The needs of families, students and staff and how the College can respond
  • Multicultural customs and norms

In addition there will be two Q & A panels to include a College DRP coordinator, a chaplain and a communications/media relations staff member, as well as members who have expertise in bereavement issues.

This training day is aimed at staff developing policy or coordinating the college response in the event of a student death. It would be of interest to directors/deans of student services, administrative and academic staff, counsellors, chaplains, accommodation, media & communications, legal services, health services, human resources and staff working with international students.


Downloads :

Provisional Agenda Managing College Response to Student Death

Managing the College Response to Student Death Conference synopsis 

Panel members

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