Student Mental Health

The Student Mental Health Conference held by the IAUCC on December 3rd 2012 was an opportunity to hear the results of the My World Survey (2012), a large-scale survey of youth mental health carried out by Dr. Barbara Dooley and Dr. Amanda Fitzgerald of UCD in partnership with Headstrong.

The full My World Survey can be viewed and downloaded at the Headstrong website

For the purposes of the IAUCC event, the researchers specifically extracted the data from the college students aged 17-25 who took part in the study. They numbered over 8000, providing us with an important source of rich and robust data about the mental health and wellbeing of students in Ireland today. It includes information about their levels of distress, their coping strategies and help-seeking, levels of alcohol use, and various risk and protective factors for mental wellbeing.

The researchers have permitted us to include their presentations here.

Dr. Amanda Fitzgerald’s presentation outlined the descriptive data emerging from the research

Dr. Barbara Dooley’s presentation delved a little deeper into the data, analysing key themes and findings


Below, please find links to other websites and services that offer on-line information and support for students.

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