DR Colm O’Connor IAUCC 2016 AGM

“Drawing on the psychology of human imagination, this seminar reveals how life-enhancing illusion and everyday enchantment are essential to human hope.  In the context of self-care, the universal necessity of a vertical life is revealed as that which enables the self to rise above and beyond literal reality.  The poetic and universal practice of mind-flight is introduced as vital in helping the human person move from the mundane into what Heaney called “the marvelous”.

Colm O’Connor is a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, and author of three books ‘The Awakening’ (2105); ‘The Courage to Love’ (2013) and ‘The Courage to be Happy’ (2010).  He is Clinical Director of the Cork Marriage Counselling Centre and is an approved supervisor with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland.  He has worked extensively in the area of family abuse, domestic violence, and Family Law.  He and was co-founder of the Cork Domestic Violence Project (1992) and the Association of Agency-based Counselling in Ireland (2008).  He has given seminars widely over the past 25 years on a variety of professional issues such as happiness and well-being, family life, domestic abuse, self-care, and marital therapy